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"It was when my weight reached 159.7kg, that I thought I have to do something about it. I had already been diagnosed with sleep apnoea and had been on a CPAP machine at night for over 15 years. My cholesterol was high and so was my blood pressure. I went to see my local doctor who referred me to Mr. Harry Frydenberg. Well I can honestly say that since that day my life has changed. Harry suggested that if I wanted my quality of life back I could have gastric banding done to restrict my eating. How correct he was. Three years on and now weighing 81kg my life has totally changed. Over that time I have never put on any weight. I have consistently lost weight slowly. Although the banding restricts your food intake, you still have to exercise and eat the right foods to assist with the weight loss. The benefits also are normal blood pressure, no cholesterol problem and have now after 18 years been off my CPAP machine for three weeks. All I can say is thank you Harry for giving me back my life."

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